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Module Nn_datanode_ctrl

module Nn_datanode_ctrl: sig .. end
Push safetrans secrets to the datanodes

val reset : unit -> unit
Executes a safetrans reset in the background
val safetrans_e : st_id:int64 -> st_tmo:int64 -> st_secret:int64 -> int list Uq_engines.engine
Pushes a safetrans secret to all enabled datanodes. If this is the first invocation, the safetrans are reset beforehand. Returns the list of datastore ID's to which the new safetrans could be pushed (which may be empty!)
val cancel_safetrans_e : st_id:int64 -> int list -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Pushes a safetrans cancellation to all datanodes whose ID's are passed in the list.
val disconnect : int -> unit
Disconnects from this datanode
val post_start_hook : unit -> unit
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