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Module Nn_datastore_news

module Nn_datastore_news: sig .. end
Getting news about datastores and their availability

The following functions assume a Netplex container as environment. The feed is first available when the first notification message has arrived.

Due to the nature of a feed, the information about datastore updates is delayed.

exception Unavailable
Raised if the news feed is not yet available (try again later), and the wait option is not set.
val force : unit -> unit
Forces that the new version is fetched
val list : ?wait:bool -> unit -> Nn_datastores.datastore list
Returns the list of all datastores
val get : ?wait:bool -> string -> Nn_datastores.datastore
Get the store record by identity string
val is_alive : ?wait:bool -> string -> bool
is_alive identity: Returns whether the datanode having this store is good as seen by the monitor. Fails if the monitor is not started.
val signal_db_change : int -> Unix.sockaddr option -> unit
signal_db_change id node_opt: Signal to the monitor that the db row with id has changed and must be reread. If node_opt is given, it is tried to discover this datanode, and to attach it to the system
val receive_message : Netplex_types.container -> string -> string array -> unit
Needs to be called from the receive_message hook in order to subscribe to this news channel
val post_add_hook : Netplex_types.socket_service -> Netplex_types.controller -> unit
Needs to be called from the post_add_hook
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