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Module Nn_push

module Nn_push: sig .. end
Push updates to the slaves (client)

type client = Rpc_proxy.ManagedClient.mclient 
val create_client : Rpc_client.connector -> float -> Unixqueue.event_system -> client
Creates a new client. The float arg is the message timeout
val begin_transaction_e : client -> string -> string -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Starts the transaction: begin_transaction_e c clustername exp_rev.
val push_e : Nn_db.modification -> client -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Pushes the db modification to the slave which the client connects to
val prepare_commit_e : client -> bool Uq_engines.engine
Prepares the commit. The resulting bool value is true if the commit is possible and allowed.
val commit_e : client -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Commits the transaction
val trigger_shutdown : client -> unit
Triggers the shutdown of this client
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