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Class Pxp_document.attribute_impl

class ['a node #extension as 'a] attribute_impl : element:string -> name:string -> Pxp_types.att_value -> Pxp_dtd.dtd -> ['a] node
This class is an implementation of node which realizes attribute nodes. Create a new node by

new attribute_impl element_name attribute_name attribute_value dtd

Note that attribute nodes do intentionally not have extensions.

Attribute nodes are created on demand by the first invocation of attributes_as_nodes of the element node. Attribute nodes are created directly and not by copying exemplar nodes, so you never need to create them yourself.

Attribute nodes have the following properties:

  • The node type is T_attribute name.
  • The parent node is the element node.
  • The method "attributes" returns name, value , i.e. such nodes have a single attribute "name". To get the value, call n # attribute name.
  • The method "data" returns the string representation of the attribute value.
  • Attribute nodes are leaves of the tree.
Attribute nodes are designed to be members of XPath node sets, and are only useful if you need such sets.

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