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Class type Pxp_document.extension

class type ['a] extension = object .. end
The extension is, as the name says, the extensible part of the nodes. See Intro_extensions for an introduction into extensions.

method clone : < clone : 'b; node : 'a; set_node : 'a -> unit; .. > as 'b
clone is called when the node is to be duplicated, and as a followup action, also the extension must be cloned. This method must return a deep copy of the extension. By convention, the caller of this method must also invoke set_node on the copied extension to establish a new link to a main node.
method node : 'a
node is the link from the extension to the main node. Conventionally, this link is set by the node via set_node below after the extension has been created or cloned.
method set_node : 'a -> unit
set_node n sets the link to the main node to n. The link is returned by node after that.
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