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Class Pxp_document.namespace_element_impl

class ['a node #extension as 'a] namespace_element_impl : 'a -> ['a] node
This class is an implementation of node which realizes element nodes. In contrast to element_impl, this class also implements the namespace methods.

This class has an extended definition of the create_element method. It accepts element names of the form "normprefix:localname" where normprefix must be a prefix managed by the namespace_manager. Note that create_element does not itself normalize prefixes; it is expected that the prefixes are already normalized.

In addition to calling create_element, one can set the namespace scope after creation (set_namespace_scope) to save the mapping of unprocessed namespace prefixes to normalized prefixes. This is voluntary.

Such nodes have the node type T_element "normprefix:localname".

This class implements the namespace methods.

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