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Class Pxp_reader.resolve_to_this_obj_channel

class resolve_to_this_obj_channel : ?id:Pxp_types.ext_id -> ?rid:Pxp_types.resolver_id -> ?fixenc:Pxp_types.encoding -> ?close:Netchannels.in_obj_channel -> unit -> Netchannels.in_obj_channel -> resolver
Reads from the passed in_obj_channel. If the id or rid arguments are passed to the object, the created resolver accepts only these IDs (all mentioned private, system, or public IDs). Otherwise, i.e. no such argument is passed, all IDs are accepted, even Anonymous.

This resolver can only be used once (because the in_obj_channel can only be used once). If it is opened a second time (either in the base object or a clone), it will raise Not_competent.

If you pass the fixenc argument, the encoding of the channel is set to the passed value, regardless of any auto-recognition or any XML declaration.

When the resolver is closed, the function passed by the close argument is called. By default, the channel is closed (i.e. the default is: close:(fun ch -> ch # close_in)).

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