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Module Pxp_dtd_parser

module Pxp_dtd_parser: sig .. end
Calling the parser to read DTDs

val create_empty_dtd : Pxp_types.config -> Pxp_dtd.dtd
Create an empty DTD. See also Pxp_dtd.create_dtd for a lower-level DTD constructor not requiring a full config record.
val parse_dtd_entity : Pxp_types.config -> Pxp_types.source -> Pxp_dtd.dtd
Parse an entity containing a DTD (external subset), and return this DTD.
val extract_dtd_from_document_entity : Pxp_types.config -> Pxp_types.source -> Pxp_dtd.dtd
Parses a closed document, i.e. a document beginning with <!DOCTYPE...>, and returns the DTD contained in the document. The parts of the document outside the DTD are actually not parsed, i.e. parsing stops when all declarations of the DTD have been read.
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