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Module Webdav_client

module Webdav_client: sig .. end
WebDAV client (synchronous)

This module defines a simple synchronous WebDAV client. For async support, users should take the method classes in Webdav_client_methods and push them onto Http_client pipelines.
class type webdav_client_t = object .. end
General remarks:
class webdav_client : ?pipeline:Webdav_compat.Http_client.pipeline -> string -> webdav_client_t
new webdav_client base_url: Creates a new WebDAV client with this base URL
val webdav_client : ?pipeline:Webdav_compat.Http_client.pipeline ->
string -> webdav_client_t
Same as function
val url_path : string -> string
Returns the decoded path of an encoded URL
val length_of_body : Netmime.mime_body -> int64
Determine the length of a body
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