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Module Webdav_client_ha

module Webdav_client_ha: sig .. end
High-availability add-on for the WebDAV client

exception Service_unavailable of string
val select_endpoint : string list -> float -> string * Unix.inet_addr
let base_url, base_ip = select_endpoint base_urls tmo: The input list is a list of base URLs (as passed to webdav_client). The function pings these URLs, and selects the most quickly responding base URL. This URL is returned, together with the IP address that was used for the ping. In tmo the timeout for the ping is specified.

This ping consists of sending an "OPTIONS" request to the server.


        select_endpoint [ "http://h1/path"; "http://h2/path" ] 5.0

might return ("http://h2/path", "") if this URL is chosen, together with the resolution of h2 that was used during the ping.

If an error occurs, Service_unavailable is raised, with the argument describing the error.

val webdav_client : ?pipeline:Webdav_compat.Http_client.pipeline ->
string * Unix.inet_addr -> Webdav_client.webdav_client_t
let wc = webdav_client (base_url,base_ip): Configures the WebDAV client wc so that the result of a prior select_endpoint is incorporated. Effectively, all WebDAV accesses use the passed IP address.
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