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Module Webdav_netfs

module Webdav_netfs: sig .. end

WebDAV support for the Netfs API

Allows access to WebDAV in the style of Netfs.stream_fs. Netfs is part of the Ocamlnet library netstring, and provides a halfway-standard API to access various types of filesystems.

Extended stream_fs type

We support not only the basic Netfs.stream_fs API, but also the extensions of the Http_fs.http_stream_fs plus an additional method webdav_client that just returns the internal client object.


class type webdav_stream_fs = object .. end

The class

class webdav_netfs : ?tmp_directory:string -> ?tmp_prefix:string -> ?ip:Unix.inet_addr -> string -> webdav_stream_fs
val webdav_netfs : ?tmp_directory:string ->
?tmp_prefix:string ->
?ip:Unix.inet_addr -> string -> webdav_stream_fs
webdav_netfs baseurl: The path / in the access methods corresponds to the passed base_url argument (like in Webdav_client.webdav_client_t).

Paths are encoded in UTF-8.

There are no symlinks in WebDAV, so the symlink part of stream_fs remains unimplemented (methods symlink and readlink, and the symlink-specific file tests).

The path components . and .. are resolved on the client side before a URL is sent to the server (i.e. "nominal" .. resolution).

Remarks to the access methods:

  • read: Works exactly as in Http_fs.http_fs. The `Streaming and `Skip flags are supported.
  • write: Works exactly as in Http_fs.http_fs. The `Streaming, `Truncate, `Create and `Exclusive flags are supported. It is not possible, though, to overwrite existing files without truncation.
  • size: supported
  • test and test_flags: Non-directories are reported as regular files (there is no other way to check for this). There is no good support for `R, `W, and `X - for simplicity, `R and `W are always true, `X is an alias for `D.
  • mkdir: supported
  • remove: supported. WebDAV only knows about recursive deletes. When the `Recursive flag is not passed, it is first checked whether the resource is a directory, and if so, the deletion is rejected. This is a quite cheap emulation, though.
  • rmdir: is not supported. Use a recursive remove instead.
  • readdir: is supported
  • rename: is supported. Note that the destination path is always removed if it exists, even if it points to a non-empty directory
  • copy: is supported (of course, only for non-recursive copies)
  • tmp_directory: Where temporary files are created
  • tmp_prefix: Prefix for temporary files
  • ip: If passed, the server will be contacted at this IP, overriding any hostname lookups.
Use together with Webdav_client_ha as in:

        let real_url, ip = Webdav_client_ha.select_endpoint [urls] timeout in
        let netfs = Webdav_netfs.webdav_netfs ~ip real_url in ...

class webdav_netfs_layer : ?ip:Unix.inet_addr -> Webdav_compat.Http_fs.http_fs -> webdav_stream_fs
val webdav_netfs_layer : ?ip:Unix.inet_addr ->
Webdav_compat.Http_fs.http_fs -> webdav_stream_fs
webdav_netfs_layer http_fs: Same as above, but the WebDAV protocol is added on top of an already existing http_fs.

It is required that http_fs uses UTF-8 as path encoding.

val norm_path : string -> string
val translate_status : Webdav_http.webdav_status -> string -> exn
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