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Class type Netplex_types.plugin

class type plugin = object .. end
Plugins are extensions of the Netplex system that run in the controller and can be invoked from containers

method program : Rpc_program.t
The RPC program structure on which the messaging bases. The program, version and procedure numbers are ignored
method ctrl_added : controller -> unit
This method is invoked when the plugin has been added to this controller. Note that plugins can be added to several controllers.
method ctrl_unplugged : controller -> unit
The plugin has been unplugged from this controller
method ctrl_receive_call : controller ->
container_id ->
string -> Xdr.xdr_value -> (Xdr.xdr_value option -> unit) -> unit
ctrl_receive_call ctrl cid procname procarg emit: This method is called in the controller context ctrl when a procedure named procname is called. In procarg the argument of the procedure is passed. cid is the container ID from where the call originates. To pass the result r of the call back to the caller, is is required to call emit (Some r) (either immediately, or at some time in the future). By calling emit None, an error condition is propagated back to the caller.
method ctrl_container_finished : controller -> container_id -> bool -> unit
This method is called when a container finishes (after post_finish_hook). The boolean is true if the container is the last of the terminated socket service.
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