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Module Netplex_sockserv

module Netplex_sockserv: sig .. end

Socket service creation

A socket service object is an encapsulation of a user-defined processor for a list of sockets.

val create_socket_service : Netplex_types.processor ->
Netplex_types.socket_service_config -> Netplex_types.socket_service

Create the socket service (usually only internally used)

val create_server_socket : string ->
Netplex_types.protocol -> Netplex_types.extended_address -> Unix.file_descr

create_server_socket service_name proto addr: Creates a server socket as specified in proto for the address addr and returns it.

Addresses of type `Container are not supported.

val close_server_socket : Unix.file_descr -> unit

Closes a socket as opened with create_server_socket

val any_file_client_connector : string -> Rpc_client.connector

Interprets a file name as connector for a local RPC service. The file must either be a Unix Domain socket, or it must be a text file as written by Netplex with the details of the service endpoint.

val client_connector : Netplex_types.extended_address -> Rpc_client.connector

Returns the RPC client connector for this Netplex address

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