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Module type Netsys_crypto_types.DIGESTS

module type DIGESTS = sig .. end

Cryptographic digests.

Users should not call functions of the provider directly, but use Netsys_digests, or another higher-level layer.

type digest 

Describes a digest

val digests : digest list

returns digests

val find : string -> digest

Returns the digest of this name, or raises Not_found

val name : digest -> string

returns the name of the digest. The name follows the format <uppercasename>-<size>, e.g. "MD5-128", "SHA1-160", "SHA2-256".

val size : digest -> int

returns the size of the hash output (in bytes)

val block_length : digest -> int

the block length (in bytes)

type digest_ctx 

A digest context stores state while digesting data

val create : digest -> digest_ctx

Creates a fresh context

val add : digest_ctx -> Netsys_types.memory -> unit

Adds data

val finish : digest_ctx -> string

Returns the digest

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