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Module Netsys_crypto_types

module Netsys_crypto_types: sig .. end

Types for crypto providers

module type TLS_EXCEPTIONS = sig .. end

The exceptions the TLS provider may use (in addition to OCaml's built-in exception).

module type TLS_PROVIDER = sig .. end
module type TLS_CONFIG = sig .. end
module type TLS_ENDPOINT = sig .. end
module type FILE_TLS_ENDPOINT = sig .. end
module type SYMMETRIC_CRYPTO = sig .. end
module type DIGESTS = sig .. end
module type PUBKEY_CRYPTO = sig .. end
type tls_provider = (module Netsys_crypto_types.TLS_PROVIDER) 
type tls_config = (module Netsys_crypto_types.TLS_CONFIG) 
type tls_endpoint = (module Netsys_crypto_types.TLS_ENDPOINT) 
type file_tls_endpoint = (module Netsys_crypto_types.FILE_TLS_ENDPOINT) 
type symmetric_crypto = (module Netsys_crypto_types.SYMMETRIC_CRYPTO) 
type digests = (module Netsys_crypto_types.DIGESTS) 
type pubkey_crypto = (module Netsys_crypto_types.PUBKEY_CRYPTO) 
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