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Module type Netsys_crypto_types.PUBKEY_CRYPTO

module type PUBKEY_CRYPTO = sig .. end

type public_key 
type private_key 
type pin_callback 
type algorithm 
val supported_x509 : int array list

The supported X509 algorithm types as list of OIDs

val algorithm_x509 : int array -> string option -> algorithm

The algorithm is specified by OID. The parameters - if present - are DER-encoded. The passed parameters override any parameters already contained in the key. Usually, it is only necessary to provide parameters that are not yet contained in the key (e.g. the hash algorithms of RSASSA-PSS when applied to a normal RSA key).

val import_public_key_x509 : string -> public_key

The DER-encoded subjectPublicKeyInfo

val import_public_key_uri : string -> public_key

indirect reference e.g. a PKCS11 URI

val import_public_key_uri_with_pin : pin_callback ->
string -> public_key
type x509_private_key = string * string 

(format,data), using the formats: "RSA", "DSA", "DH", "EC". The data is DER-encoded.

val import_private_key_x509 : x509_private_key ->

import a private key from DER

val import_private_key_uri : string -> private_key

indirect reference e.g. a PKCS11 URI

val import_private_key_uri_with_pin : pin_callback ->
string -> private_key
val import_public_key_from_private : private_key ->
val simple_pin_callback : (unit -> string) -> pin_callback
val encrypt : algorithm ->
public_key -> string -> string
val decrypt : algorithm ->
private_key -> string -> string
val verify : algorithm ->
public_key -> string -> string -> bool
val sign : algorithm ->
private_key -> string -> string
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