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Index of exceptions

Abort [Unixqueue]
Event handlers can raise this exception to cancel a group of handlers, events, and resources.
Addressing_method_not_supported [Uq_engines]
Raised by client_socket_connector and server_socket_acceptor to indicate that the passed address is not supported by the class.
Already_installed [Shell_sys]
Raised when the job handlers are already installed

Bad_header_field [Nethttp]
Raised when a header field cannot be parsed.
Bad_message [Http_client]
The server sent a message which cannot be interpreted.
Bad_state [Netpop]
Break [Netshm]
Broken_communication [Uq_engines]
Engines indicate this error when they cannot continue because the other endpoint of communication signals an error.
Buffer_underrun [Netchannels]
Raised by input methods if the internal buffer of the channel is too empty to read even one byte of data.
Byte_order_mark [Netconversion]
Raised when it is tried to get the code point of the BOM at the beginning of the string

Cancelled [Uq_engines]
The callback function of a multiplex_controller is invoked with this exception if the operation is cancelled.
Cannot_represent [Rtypes]
raised if a conversion can't be done
Cannot_represent [Netconversion]
Raised when a certain Unicode code point cannot be represented in the selected output encoding
Client_is_down [Rpc_client]
The RPC call cannot be performed because the client has been shut down in the meantime.
Closed_channel [Netchannels]
Raised when channel operations are called when the channel is closed
Closed_channel [Uq_engines]
Raised when a method of a closed channel object is called (only channel methods count).
Cluster_service_unavailable [Rpc_proxy.ManagedSet]
Raised by mset_pick when no available endpoint can be found, or all available endpoints have reached their maximum load.
Command_failure [Netchannels]
Raised by close_in or close_out if the channel is connected with another process, and the execution of that process fails.
Communication_error [Rpc_client]
an I/O error happened
Config_error [Netplex_config]
Connection_lost [Rpc_server]
raised by the 'reply' function if the connection to the original caller has been lost in the meantime.
Container_variable_not_found [Netplex_cenv]
The variable does not exist
Container_variable_type_mismatch [Netplex_cenv]
The (dynamically typed) variable has the wrong type
Corrupt_file [Netshm]
Raised when a violation of the object format is detected
Cursor_out_of_range [Netconversion]
Raised when it is tried to move the cursor beyond the beginning of the string or beyond the end of the string.

Deadlock [Netshm]
Raised when a deadlock situation was detected.
Dest_failure [Xdr]
raised if the dest_* function are applied to non-matching xdr_value

Empty [Netcamlbox]
End_of_string [Netconversion]
Raised when it is tried to access the character after the end of the string (at position n_max)
Err_status [Netpop]
Error [Rpc_transport]
Passed back as `Error.
Error [Netulex.Ulexing]
Lexical error
Executable_not_found [Shell_sys]
Raised when an executable file cannot be found; the argument is the search name

FTP_error [Ftp_client]
Something went wrong, often on socket level
FTP_method_perm_failure [Ftp_client]
FTP_method_temp_failure [Ftp_client]
FTP_method_unexpected_reply [Ftp_client]
These exceptions may be raised during execution by the FTP method.
FTP_protocol_violation [Ftp_client]
The server violates the FTP specification
Fatal_error [Shell_sys]
An error is fatal if it is not possible to recover from it in a predictable manner.

HTTP [Netcgi_common]
Exception raised by various functions of this library to return to the user agent an appropriate error page with the specified http-status (this exception must be caught by the connector and a default answer sent).
Host_not_found [Uq_resolver]
This host cannot be resolved
Http_error [Http_client]
Http_protocol [Http_client]
The request could not be processed because the exception condition was raised.

Immutable [Netmime]
Raised if it is tried to modify a read-only value.

Keep_call [Rpc_client]
This exception can be raised by the callback function that is invoked when the server response arrives.
Key_service_problem [Rpc_key_service]
All exceptions (except the exceptions defined above) are wrapped into Key_service_problem.

Line_too_long [Mimestring]
Raised when the hard limit of the line length is exceeded

Malformed_URL [Neturl]
Raised by a number of functions when encountering a badly formed URL.
Malformed_code [Netconversion]
Raised when an illegal byte sequence is found
Malformed_code_at [Netconversion]
An illegal byte sequence is found at this byte position
Mem_not_supported [Uq_engines]
May be raised by multiplex controller methods start_mem_reading and start_mem_writing if these methods are not supported for the kind of file descriptor
Message_lost [Rpc_client]
got EOF when some pending procedure calls were not replied or even sent
Message_timeout [Rpc_client]
After all retransmissions, there was still no reply
Message_too_big [Netcamlbox]

Name_resolution_error [Http_client]
Could not resolve this name
Netname_unknown [Rpc_key_service]
The netname is invalid
Next [Netshm]
No_Unix_process_group [Shell_sys]
Raised by functions referring to Unix process groups when the job has not been started in its own process group.
No_reply [Http_client]
There was no response to the request because some other request failed earlier and it was not allowed to send the request again.
No_secret_key [Rpc_key_service]
The user does not have a secret key for the netname
Not_implemented [Netcgi1_compat]
Raised by some functions/exceptions when a feature of the old model cannot be implemented in the new model or vice versa
Not_in_container_thread [Netplex_cenv]
Raised when the caller's thread is not a container thread

Out_of_handlers [Equeue]
Raised by run when the event source adds new events to the queue but there are no event handlers to process them
Out_of_range [Rtypes]
raised if string position out of range
Out_of_space [Netsys_mem]
Oversized [Netcgi.Argument]
Oversized [Netcgi_common]

Parse_error [Netaddress]
A parsing error.
Partial_character [Netconversion]
Raised when the last character of the string is an incomplete multi-byte character, and it is tried to get the code point (using uchar_at).
Permanent_error [Netsmtp]
Protocol_error [Netsmtp]
Protocol_error [Netpop]

Recv_queue_empty [Nethttpd_kernel]
Redirect_request [Nethttpd_types]
The "early" redirect is only allowed in stage 1 of HTTP processing.
Redirect_response [Nethttpd_types]
The "late" redirect is only allowed in stage 3 of HTTP processing.
Reject [Equeue]
May be raised by event handlers to reject events
Response_dropped [Rpc_client]
Drop reason: The response exceeded the configured maximum message size
Rpc_cannot_unpack [Rpc]
RPC protocol error (bad data)
Rpc_server [Rpc]
an exception generated by the RPC server

Send_queue_empty [Nethttpd_kernel]
Service_unavailable [Rpc_proxy.ManagedClient]
Procedure calls may end with this exception when the reliability cache disables the service
Sharedvar_no_permission [Netplex_sharedvar]
It is not allowed to set the value
Sharedvar_not_found [Netplex_sharedvar]
The variable does not exist.
Sharedvar_null [Netplex_sharedvar]
The initial value of a shared exception variable
Sharedvar_type_mismatch [Netplex_sharedvar]
The (dynamically typed) variable has the wrong type (string/exn)
Shutdown_not_supported [Netsys]
See gshutdown
Socks_error [Uq_socks5]
Raised when error messages of the SOCKS proxy are received, or because of other SOCKS-related problems.
Ssl_error [Uq_ssl]
Used in when_done callbacks to indicate an SSL-specific error code
Standard_response [Nethttpd_types]
Some HTTP containers allow you to raise this exception.
Subprocess_error [Shell]
The string contains the called commands in a readable representation.

Telnet_protocol [Telnet_client]
Wrapper for exceptions that already passed the exception handler.
Terminate [Equeue]
May be raised by event handlers to accept events while terminating themselves
Time_not_available [Rpc_time]
Too_many_descriptors [Netsys_pollset_win32]
Too_many_redirections [Http_client]
While following redirections the limit has been reached
Transient_error [Netsmtp]
Type_mismatch [Netplex_encap]
Raised when an encapulated type is tried to be unwrapped by the wrong encapsulation module

URL_syntax_error [Http_client]
This URL cannot be parsed after a redirection has been followed.
Unbound_exception [Rpc_client]
This exception can be raised by the callback function that is invoked when the server response arrives.

Watchdog_timeout [Uq_engines]
Used by the watchdog engine to indicate a timeout.

Xdr_format [Xdr]
Format error found during unpacking a string
Xdr_format_message_too_long [Xdr]
The message is too long and cannot be packed into a string

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