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The UI language
 ui:alist-value and ui:alist-item
 ui:dyn-enum-value and ui:dyn-enum-item
 ui:enum-value and ui:enum-item
 ui:enumeration and ui:enum
 ui:text and ui:password
 t:*, q:*, and p:*
 Dot notation (v1.v2)
The element ui:application

This is the top-level element of an application. It contains all ui:dialog and ui:template elements.


Level: Dialog structure

<!ELEMENT ui:application ( ui:dialog | ui:template )+ >

<!ATTLIST ui:application
          start-dialog NMTOKEN #REQUIRED

  • start-dialog: This required attribute determines the start dialog of the application, i.e. the dialog to create first when the user starts the application (enters its URL into the browser).


<ui:application start-dialog="main">
  <ui:dialog name="main" start-page="portal">
    <ui:page name="portal">
          <h1>This is the first page of the application!</h1>

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