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(e.g. "List.find" or "keysym")
More options

The UI language
 ui:alist-value and ui:alist-item
 ui:dyn-enum-value and ui:dyn-enum-item
 ui:enum-value and ui:enum-item
 ui:enumeration and ui:enum
 ui:text and ui:password
 t:*, q:*, and p:*
 Dot notation (v1.v2)
The elements ui:iter-empty, ui:iter-head, ui:iter-foot, and ui:iter-separator

These elements must be used inside ui:iterate, or ui:enumerate, and are explained there.


Level: Control structure

<!ELEMENT ui:iter-empty ANY>
<!ELEMENT ui:iter-head ANY>
<!ELEMENT ui:iter-foot ANY>
<!ELEMENT ui:iter-separator ANY>
Sub elements

All page body elements may occur inside the ui:iter particles.

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