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The UI language
 ui:alist-value and ui:alist-item
 ui:dyn-enum-value and ui:dyn-enum-item
 ui:enum-value and ui:enum-item
 ui:enumeration and ui:enum
 ui:text and ui:password
 t:*, q:*, and p:*
 Dot notation (v1.v2)
The element ui:param

This element defines a parameter to be passed to a template. The element can be used inside ui:use, ui:context, ui:iterate, and ui:enumerate.


Level: Control structure

<!ELEMENT ui:param ANY>

<!ATTLIST ui:param
          name  NMTOKEN   #REQUIRED

  • name: The name of the parameter

Sub elements

The sub elements are the value of the parameter. All page body elements can occur.

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